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The Wotch: Cheer!


Cheer!, just like most webcomics, is produced with much time and cost, and requires the assistance of fans and readers to help keep it going. Thus, I am more than willing to accept donations.

If you feel inspired to give, you can donate through Paypal, if you have a credit card or Paypal account.

If you have any questions about donations, or anything else, don't hesitate to contact me at

Many thanks to those who have donated and to those considering giving. And hey, if you cannot afford to donate but would like to show support, an encouraging email is a type of donation, and it's also very much appreciated!

- Tselsebar

Donation Wallpapers

I like to give something back to those who are generous and help support Cheer!, and thus I have taken up the challenge of producing exclusive wallpapers which I will distribute to donators. These wallpapers are always drawn and coloured by myself with as much skill and quality as I can muster at the time of creation.

For those of you who donate by Paypal and would like a wallpaper, please send me an additional email at , and specify which images you would like and at which sizes. Make sure you include your Paypal email address if it is different than the one you'd like the images sent to.

I will respond to wallpaper requests within a day or two, so if you are expecting an image and haven't received it after a few days, let me know by email.
Best Friends Forever
Karen and Sarah, then and now.
Art by Jimmy Brimstone. Available: January 20, 2009 - Current
Standard(1600x1200): $2.50 US
LCD(1600x1280): $2.50 US
Wide(1680x1050): $2.50 US
Alex and Lita in Final Fantasy XI style.
Available: January 11, 2008 - January 20, 2009
Standard(1280x960): $5.00 US
LCD(1280x1024): $5.00 US
Wide(1680x1050): $5.00 US
Principal 32
A digital painting experiment.
Warning: Fanservice
Available: Aug 1, 2007 - January 10, 2008
Standard(1280x960): $5.00 US
LCD(1280x1024): $5.00 US
Wide(1680x1050): $5.00 US
Agents 29 and 40: Confrontation
Drawn and coloured by Anibelle
Available: Oct 16, 2006 - July 31, 2007
Regular(1024x768): $5.00 US
Largish(1280x1024): $5.00 US
Large(2048x1536): $7.50 US
Joanna Coleen Star: Ice Mage
Available: June 1, 2006 - Oct 15, 2006
Regular(1024x768): $5.00 US
Large(2048x1536): $7.50 US
Alexandra King: Red Mage
Available: April 15 - May 31, 2006
Regular(1024x768): $5.00 US
Large(2048x1536): $7.50 US
Samantha Smith: Angelic
Available: March 1 - April 15, 2006
Regular(1024x768): $5.00 US
Large(2048x1536): $7.50 US
Cher Lita Harper: Monster Hunter
Available: Jan 1 - Feb 28, 2006
Regular(1024x768): $5.00 US
Large(2048x1536): $7.50 US

Ideally there should be a new wallpaper every month, but time is often against me. Therefore, each new wallpaper will be "current" for at least a month and the donation bar will always match the current gift.

Making the Goal

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to dedicate the time required to offer additional artwork for meeting the goal currently... if my schedule loosens up a bit, it'll be the first thing reinstated, but for now, if I make the goal... You have my undying thanks! Pretty sweet deal, eh? Eh?.... yeah, don't answer that...


I'd like to take Commissions... but I simply do not have the time to commit to it. In the little time I do have to draw something other than Cheer!, I want to make sure I'm drawing something I enjoy and am personally inspired to do.

Thus I cannot officially take commissions, but if you have an idea that you think would look good if I drew (ie: likely fanservice), I certainly don't mind suggestions. Describe it well and if you intrigue my muse, you might see it anyway!


Yeah, I ain't got nothin' here yet, and no idea what to offer either.